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Payment / Dispatch



You can easily pay with your own PayPal account or use it to pay by credit card Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express

Bank transfer (prepayment)

Payment by bank transfer is also possible, however, goods will be sent only after we have received payment in full. Please make sure you indicate the order number in your transfer and cover all potential transaction costs. We will tell you our bank account information also in an email after you submitted your order (M. Luther und P. Holleis GbR, Fidor Bank AG, Sandstra├če 33, 80335 M├╝nchen, Germany, IBAN: DE48700222000020010673, BIC: FDDODEMM or, depending on your system, FDDODEMMXXX).

Shipping Costs

We are usually using DHL for shipping our goods. The following table shows the standard costs for 1-6 Tonino devices similar to the DHL country zones. Note that the Wile devices are larger and heavier and therefore those prices only apply to one device. Please contact us before placing your order if you desire another way of receiving your goods or want to order a higher number of pieces.

This service includes transport insurance up to 500 Euro and enables shipment tracking.

DHL Premium can be faster, see the description by DHL here.

For most countries we also offer Express services using, e.g. DHL / UPS / TNT, depending on the country and parcel size.

The shipping price is automatically calculated after the products have been placed in the shopping basket and the target country has been selected. However, here are some general numbers for normal DHL shipping:

Country ZoneTotal Shipping CostDHL PremiumEstimated DHL shipping time (work days)
Germany 5.99 Euro - 1-2
Zone 1 (EU) 16.99 Euro - 2-8
Zone 2 (Europe outside EU) 29.99 Euro +7,50 2-8+
Zone 3 (World) 35.99 Euro +17 Euro 4-10+
Zone 4 (Rest of World) 42.99 Euro +23 Euro 6-13+